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Electrical Services

Based in the Central region of South Africa our client base ranges from residential, commercial and agricultural to industrial and governmental. This has ensured that all our accreditation and qualifications are up to date with the latest SANS 1014/2


We are no strangers to the construction sector, with recent renovations to restaurants and commercial properties our track record speaks for itself. From new developments to retrofitting our team is always ready for the challenge.



Maintenance is arguably our largest portfolio at the moment. Our teams are constantly on call to assist commercial properties, body corporates, insurance companies and managing agents with maintenance-related enquiries. Our friendly office staff is always at

hand to provide customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of maintenance services


Del Group started its journey in the meter installation industry, needless to say, the experience gained from this has put us at the forefront as the installer of choice for many of the metering and billing companies in and around the Central region. We specialise in a wide range of smart meters and programming to conventional prepaid meter installations.

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